Do you do Commissions?

Yes, I am happy to discuss what your requirements may be through a call or email so that I can make you the piece you desire.

What are your rates?

This all depends on the size and style of the painting you are looking for as the cost of each painting changes depending on the materials used and the size of the canvas. I will be happy discuss and provide a quote.

How do I purchase your work?

Directly through me or the Gallery where I am exhibiting. I accept Paypal, bank transfers and cash payments and full invoices will be provided. Purchases from the gallery will be handled through them where they accept all major cards and cash payments.

How long does a piece take?

This depends on the size of the piece and the materials used as some materials take longer to set or dry than others. The usual time is between 1 and 2 weeks in most cases.

Do you deliver and install?

Yes, I can provide home delivery and installation for most UK buyers.

Do you delivery outside of the UK?

Yes, I deliver worldwide. Delivery times vary and I will provide you with all the details including tracking numbers and ETA.

Are all your pieces originals?

Yes, every piece I make is 100% original and unique

Do you sell prints?

At this moment in time I do not sell prints, only original pieces.

Do you exhibit?

Yes, I exhibit in central London presently and have installations across the country in work spaces, restaurants and hotels.

Can I visit your studio?

Yes, you can through appointment only, to view my work in person and to discuss commissions.

Are you on social media?

Yes, I am on Instagram where I post all my latest work and provide information on my latest events and exhibitions.

What happens if the painting is damaged in transit?

The painting will be insured to the value of what is paid so any damages will be covered.

What is your returns policy?

All sales are final.

Are prices negotiable?

Yes under certain circumstances, for example you purchase multiple paintings. 

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